Supporters of the occupation of Karabakh call on citizens of Armenia to wage new war against Azerbaijan

Supporters of the occupation of Karabakh call on citizens of Armenia to wage new war against Azerbaijan

A member of the "war party" of the instigators of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict - Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan - ex-Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia Artak Zakaryan issued an appeal to the Armenian citizens, calling on them to overthrow the current government and resume hostilities against Azerbaijan.

He tried to appeal to people respectfully: "I ask and appeal to my dear and respected people. Friend, partner, acquaintance or stranger". He then urged everyone to come out today to an uncoordinated rally on Freedom Square in the center of Yerevan against the government of Nikol Pashinyan.

He added that it's necessary "for each of us to resolve the problem of saving Armenian's own dignity," once again using nationalist agenda, as the "war party" always did. According to Zakaryan and his leadership, "to save Armenian's own dignity" means to take up arms and try to invade the territory of the neighboring state, Azerbaijan, once again.

He called the surrender of Armenia, which occurred as a result of the defeat of the Armenian occupation forces in Azerbaijan, "a humiliating situation" that Armenian nationalists, who believe in the superiority of their people over all others, cannot tolerate. Furthermore, Zakaryan demonstrated typical view of nationalists on the events of the Second Karabakh War:

"From September 29 to November 9, our people were organized like a fist against massive enemy. Our army did not lose, fought and died, fought until the last moment. Our nation did not lose, andbelieved that it would win," ex - Deputy Minister of Defense said, thus rejecting the documented facts of mass desertion among the Armenian invaders, absolute chaos in the command and control of troops, the daily lies of the Ministry of Defense and the final, objective defeat of the Armenian Armed Forces on the battlefield.

He called on citizens to "correct mistakes", namely, "to stop the sale of nation's treasures by Nikol and demand him to answer for this disaster," adding that he "has no moral right to rule the state." Concluding, Zakaryan once again called on everyone to go to Freedom Square.


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