Surprise expected in Kocharyan criminal case - media

Surprise expected in Kocharyan criminal case - media

A surprise is expected in former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan's criminal case in the near future - the Armenian Constitutional Court has applied to the Venice Commission and the ECHR on the issue of immunity and Article 300.1, the Hraparak daily writes.

According to the newspaper's source, the ruling is due between March 23-24, with the Commission’s decision expected until late February, reported.

The source added that the opinion of both institutions has no legal force. "Yes, they are advisory, but no state body, the court will make a decision even against the advisory opinion. They are such prestigious organizations that they will not go against them. After receiving the opinions, the Constitutional Court must decide whether or not the law (indictment) complies with the Armenian Constitution. If it decides that it does not comply, the charge should be dropped," the source noted.

Asked about the possible arrest of chair of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan, the source ruled out such a possibility, citing a breach of the immunity principle. ″They have already trespassed the immunity norm, but I don't think they will arrest him amid fears of an international uproar," the newspaper cited the source as saying.