Sweden demands halt to arms sales to Turkey

Sweden demands halt to arms sales to Turkey

Following Turkey's military operation in northern Syria, five of Sweden's eight parliamentary parties demanded that Sweden's exports of military equipment to Turkey be stopped.

"In a Turkey that is not only increasingly authoritarian but has also ramped up its machinery to carry out a large-scale invasion of a neighbouring country, Sweden should not export military equipment there," Liberals foreign policy spokesman Fredrik Malm told Swedish Radio.

This sentiment was shared by Janine Alm-Ericsson, foreign policy spokeswoman for the Greens. The Liberals and the Left also demand that the government compel its fellow EU member states to pursue a comprehensive arms embargo against Turkey, Sputnik reported.

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde called Turkey's actions "irresponsible", suggesting they constitute a violation of international law.

Sweden's military exports to Turkey have risen sharply in recent years. Last year, exports amounted to around SEK 300 million ($30 million), compared with only SEK 21 million ($2.1 million) five years earlier.

On October 9, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria, which began with airstrikes on Kurdish positions.


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