Syria's Hmeymim opposition not invited to Geneva talks

Syria's Hmeymim opposition not invited to Geneva talks

The Hmeymim group, which unites Syria's internal opposition forces, has not been invited for the new round of reconciliation talks in Geneva, the official representative of the group Mais Krydee said.

"Until now we have not received any invitation as Hmeymim group. We will need to talk about it after this [round] finishes," Sputnik cited Krydee as saying.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura's spokeswoman Yara Sharif noted that the final composition of the participants of the Geneva talks has not been formed yet.

The opposition Popular Front for Change and Liberation said on Saturday that it would not participate in the upcoming talks due to "special advantages" that the United Nations gives to the HNC, and the alleged disregard to other opposition platforms.

The Front blamed Staffan de Mistura for violating the UNSC Resolution 2254 and "obstructing the historical chance" of the talks.

The next round of the UN-mediated intra-Syrian talks is expected to start on February 23 in Geneva.