Tamara Sinyavskaya: new monument to Muslim Magomayev to be erected in Baku

 Tamara Sinyavskaya: new monument to Muslim Magomayev to be erected in Baku

A monument to the great pop and opera singer Muslim Magomayev may soon appear in Baku, the widow of the famous musician, opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kakaza at the event dedicated to the  billionaire Araz Agalarov's birthday. According to her, now she is choosing a spot to erect the monument.

"I recently returned from Baku, there was an evening dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Muslim Magomayev. I saw that new Baku has become even more beautiful than it was before. I even did not recognize some its places,but there were those places, where, I know, Muslim liked to walk around. So, I looked for a spot - and I found it," Tamara Sinyavskaya said.

In the near future a sculptor and a form of the monument will be determined. "Now sculptors are proposing their own versions of the monument. I already rejected one of them, because I realized that it is not Muslim. I will once again visit Baku for this purpose and will consider their options at the spot where a monument should be erected," she nored.

Tamara Sinyavskaya stressed that the already existing monuments to Muslim Magomayev - in the Alley of Honor in Baku and Leontiev Lane in Moscow - have the same drama that should be in the new monument. "Omar Eldarov's monument is very beautiful. And we talked with Alexander Rukavishnikov for a long time about the monument in Moscow, which is also a very good monument," Muslim Magomayev's widow pointed out.

"As for the third monument, I will soon meet with those people who are currently developing their projects, and will try to make them feel what this monument should be like," Tamara Sinyavskaya concluded.


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