Tbilisi under water

Tbilisi under water

Tonight in the capital of Georgia a disaster began: Tbilisi was struck with torrential rain, flooding the central streets of Tbilisi after the banks of the River Vera burst and the whole neighboring area of ​​Vake-Saburtalo went under water. City Hall acknowledged that the situation is very complicated.

On Kostava Street the Evropa Casino and the lower part of the House of Justice are underwater, the Tamaz Elizbarashvili shelter for stray dogs has been flooded, which is located in a ravine on the Vake-Saburtalo Road, while the village of Tskhneti on the outskirts of Tbilisi has been flooded.

Tbilisi Zoo is also flooded, some of the animals have escaped. "Virtually the entire territory of the zoo has been flooded, no one can enter. Patrol police and rescue services are at the zoo entrance. At the moment we cannot say anything more,’’ it is stated on the Facebook page of the zoo.

The authorities have urged people not to make unnecessary journeys to areas caught up in the flooding, and also to be aware of predators that have escaped from the zoo. The rescue services are working in emergency mode. ‘’All the forces of the Agency for Emergency Management have been mobilized. Rescuers have pumped water from the basements of houses on Uznadze Street and from the central building of the Ministry of Defence, and they saved a person with disabilities,’’ Sputnik-Georgia cites a message of the Interior Ministry.