Terrorist attacked Turkish diplomat in Irbil captured in Iraq

Terrorist attacked Turkish diplomat in Irbil captured in Iraq

A group of four terrorists including Mazlum Dağ, the assailant implicated in the killing of Turkish diplomat Osman Köse in Irbil, has been captured alive and detained in northern Iraq a statement from the Irbil Security Directorate said Saturday, Daily Sabah reports.

The arrest by Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) internal security service Asayish reportedly took place on the road between Irbil and Makhmour, which hosts a refugee camp where the PKK has a significant presence.

"The Kurdistan Region announced on Saturday the arrest of the man who planned the assassination of a Turkish diplomat in a restaurant in Erbil, less than a week after the attack," the Asayish said in a statement.

According to Turkish security sources, the 27-year-old terrorist is one of the perpetrators of Wednesday's attack in which Köse, who was temporarily stationed in Turkey's consulate general in Irbil, was killed by gunshots while eating at a restaurant, Daily Sabah reports.


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