The British urged Europe not to buy gas from Russia

The British urged Europe not to buy gas from Russia

Observers at the British newspaper Express commented on an article that Russia is "putting pressure" on Europe and deliberately raising gas prices. Many believe that the European Union underestimates Russia's capabilities, especially when they criticize it.

"The arguments in favor of wind and solar energy are inconclusive this year. Russia has driven Europe into a corner with gas. Europe has lost, the United States has no reason to keep its troops there to protect it from energy lenders. Good luck, Europe," said a reader with nickname 122 ° WestObserver.

The user NeilSays believes that the rise in energy prices in the world is not associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Gas prices are growing all over the world, like the cost of any energy resources. This has nothing to do with Putin," he said.

"Does Britain want Russia to ship unlimited amounts of this gas for free? Yes, please sign me up if possible!" - wrote the columnist Honest broker.

Some readers urged not to buy gas from Russia.

"Why is everyone so nervous? Do not buy gas from Russia, everything is simple. On the other hand, it can choose who to sell it to, this is its gas," said one of the users.