Third media forum of the North Caucasus Federal District summed up

Third media forum of  the North Caucasus Federal District summed up

Third media forum of the North Caucasus Federal District summed up

In Pyatigorsk the Third Media Forum of the North Caucasus finished with the award ceremony of ‘MediaKavkaz’ and ‘Prometheus’. It was visited by more than 700 representatives of the media community of over 200 media over two days.The forum has already formed its own traditions, the main one of which is the introduction and establishment of cooperation between journalists, not only regional but also federal.

The programme of the Third Media Forum of the North Caucasus Federal District was very intense: there were round tables and workshops, exhibition areas functioned, reflecting the specific media environment of each region. During the two days of the discussion platforms the colleagues discussed the issues of development of the media market and the creative exchange of ideas and experiences. Among the topics raised were the stands of the Journalists’ of the North Caucasus towards extremism, threats to information, the safety of journalists in the North Caucasus, the role of the media community in the North Caucasus Federal District, the formation of an attractive image of the district, and others. The moderators of the round table were leading journalists and heads of federal mass media.

The main event was the discussion plenary session on ‘The Image of the Caucasus — a Synergy of Senses’ with the participation of the Russian President's plenipotentiary representative in the North Caucasus Federal District, Sergey Melikov, the heads of the North Caucasus and the State Duma deputies. It was opened by Sergey Malikov, who noted in his speech that the sphere of mass communications has long ceased to be a monopoly of the official broadcasters and newspapers.

"There is increasing influence and importance being acquired by zines, bloggers, authors on social networks, and because of this the representatives of the community are now actively engaged in the program,’’ he said in his speech. ‘’And since last year the ceremony of awarding  the Internet Prize ‘Prometheus’ has been on the list of official events of the forum. I want to draw your attention that not every media forum is a one-off or separate event. The organizers of the Forum, experts from the Centre of Modern Caucasian Policy, in cooperation with the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President, are building a chain of successive steps, aimed at the development of the district information space and the creation of a single media agenda of the North Caucasus. These steps are directly connected with the subject of the discussions held there. One of the tangible results of last year's forum, in which we discussed the integration of the regional information space in the all-Russian space, was the appearance of two bright media projects: The portal 'This Is The Caucasus' and the news agency 'Caucasus Today', the presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District told the newspaper ‘Ingushetia’.

The best journalists and media awards 'MediaKavkaz' in the following categories were:

TV project of the year in the Northern Caucasus

1. The channel "Arkhyz-24" (Karachaevo-Cherkessia)

2. CHGTRK ‘Grozny’ (Chechen Republic)

3. NTRC "Ingushetia" (Ingushetia)

Print media in the North Caucasus

1. Journal DISCOURS (Chechen Republic)

2. Magazine "FAMOUS" (North Ossetia)

3. The weekly "Moskovsky Komsomolets. MK-Kavkaz" (Stavropol Territory)

Radio project of the year in the Northern Caucasus

1. Radio "City" (North Ossetia)

2. Radio "Ingushetia" (Ingushetia)

3. Radio "Terrible" (Chechen Republic)

Internet media in the North Caucasus

1. The information-analytical portal "Caucasus Today" (North Caucasus Federal District)

2. The North Ossetian information portal "15th Region" (North Ossetia)

3. LLC "M-Kavkaz" (Stavropol Territory)

Journalist of the Year in the North Caucasus

1. Urazaev Edward Kairhanovich (Dagestan)

2. Musayev Razhapov Aliyev (Chechen Republic)

3. Svetlana A. Nabiyev (Stavropol Territory)

Discovery of the Year in the North Caucasus

1. TASS Information and Learning Project 'This is the Caucasus'

2. Tengiz Mokaev’s blog RIA KBR (Kabardino-Balkaria)

3. Russian Radio festival "Voice of the Caucasus" in memory of the first President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia, A.A. Kadyrov (Chechen Republic)

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, received a special award in the nomination 'Man of the Year in the North Caucasus'. In this category, the votes of the journalists were filed by them in their applications for the competition, where the issue was listed separately.

The awards were awarded to the laureates by Mikhail Vedernikov, the chairman of the Media Association of the North Caucasus, Ilya Kanavin, the TV channel 'Russia-24', Olga Pankova, and the famous TV presenter, Marianna Maksimovskaya.

The winners of the All-Russian Internet Award "Prometheus-2015" are:

In the 'Science and Education' educational project 'Lectorium' –

In the nomination "Power and the State" the geographic information system of industrial parks and industrial parks Gisip –

In the category 'Activism' – the site of the IHO All-Russian Society of the Deaf –

In the category 'Entertainment, recreation, tourism' – the service for booking hotels HotelLook –

In the category 'Sport, a healthy lifestyle' – the information portal 'Championship' –

In the category 'Media' – the poster -

In the category 'Transport and Traffic' – service 'Turbo dealer' –

In the category 'Industry and manufacturing' – the Russian Technological Development Fund –

In the category 'Telecommunications' – the social network 'Classmates' –

In the category 'Health' – the service recruiting veterinarians Pet-Doctor –

In the category 'Technology and Innovation' – the service evaluation of candidates GoRecruit –

In the category 'Real Estate and Construction' – the online service to find craftsmen to repair housing Radme –

In the category 'Finance and Insurance' – the system of purchases CONNECT2ME –

In the category 'Startup of the year' – the newspaper 'Caricature and Feather' –

In the nomination 'Person of the Year' – the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov

In the category 'Event of the Year' – the III Media Forum of the North Caucasus Federal District

The awards ceremony was attended by the vice-speaker of the State Duma Sergei Zheleznyak, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the RF President in the North Caucasus Federal District, Mikhail Vedernikov, a three-time Olympic champion Buvaysar Saytiev, the Deputy Director General of TASS, Konstantin Parshin. The award winners of this year are about 50 Russian and Caucasian projects.