Thomas de Waal: Karabakh deal is defeat for Armenia

Thomas de Waal: Karabakh deal is defeat for Armenia

British journalist Thomas de Waal, who is also a senior fellow with Carnegie Europe, specializing in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region, has commented on the recent agreement reached between Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to him, this agreement is humiliating for the Armenian side, although there are still many incomprehensible points in it that have not been adequately discussed. This is a great defeat for Armenians, the journalist said.

De Waal noted that another factor that shocked the Armenian public was that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was doing nothing to prepare the people for this and was talking about victory, even hours before the agreement was signed.

He stressed that the capture of Shusha was enough for the Azerbaijani forces in order for Baku to declare its victory. There are many reasons for them to be happy with what is signed, he said, because according to this pact, control of the seven regions of Karabakh passes to Azerbaijan, and this will be a moral stimulus for the country.

According to de Waal, this was not all that Azerbaijan wanted, but the country got more than it dreamed of.


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