'Three rooms conspiracy': Pashinyan to be overthrown by his own people?

 'Three rooms conspiracy': Pashinyan to be overthrown by his own people?

Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has a new problem - the 'people's prime minister' expressed concern during the recent press conference that members of his own team may be plotting against him.

According to the Armenian newspaper Irates, "Nikol Pashinyan is facing a serious problem - the need to prevent the 'conspiracy of three rooms'." It concerns the separatist movements in the new power structures.

When Pashinyan explicitly said that "he knows where these three rooms, which were conspiring against him, are located," the journalists decided that it's about the representatives of the Kocharyan-Sargsyan clan. Then the first room is the people of Kocharyan, the second room is the people of Sargsyan, and the third is probably - the people of Armenia's President Armen Sargsyan.

But there is another opinion: Pashinyan meant his like-minded people to whom he distributed responsible posts in power, and the press conference was organized to show the prime minister's unshakable position and the inability of any internal power conspiracies to shake it. Then the 'three rooms' is the team of the National Security Service head Arthur Vanetsyan, the people of Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan and Defense Ministry David Tonoyan.

In particular, Tigran Avinyan is forming his own team, independent of Pashinyan, and organizing a stronger alliance with the opposition. Wishing to enter big politics, Arthur Vanetsyan is working with Vice Speaker of the Parliament Alain Simonyan. According to the newspaper's source, a preliminary scenario of a coup is already known: if Pashinyan is overthrown, then Vanetsyan will become prime minister, and Simonyan - head of the National Security Service.

Nikol Pashinyan himself contributes to the strengthening of centrifugal processes in power, since he recently began to experience difficulties in making independent decisions.

Certainly, the next shift scenarios are not yet realizable now, as society still believes in its 'revolutionary leader' - however, if the living standards of citizens do not change significantly in a year, Pashinyan’s ratings will go down, and then the path to conspiracies and coups will be opened.


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