To lift or not to lift? - EU will determined the fate of anti-Russian sanctions on June 21

To lift or not to lift? - EU will determined the fate of anti-Russian sanctions on June 21

According to diplomatic sources in the European Union, the EU will have to decide on the extension of anti-Russian sanctions on June 21st. After that, on June 24th, this decision will be approved or not approved at the meeting of Foreign Ministers of member countries.

At the same time, the sources in France Press advise to not expect too much from this meeting: it is much more likely that any progress in sanction regime will occur at the next meeting in the autumn.

"There is a feeling that something will be done in the second half of this year," - diplomat shared his observations of political climate in the EU.

Another source pointed out the inevitability of the extension of sanctions against Russia, despite France actively supporting their easing.

Earlier in an interview to Vestnik Kavkaza, the deputy dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Relations of the Higher School of Economics Andrei Suzdaltsev explained the desire of France to ease sanction regime by the existence of significant economic ties with Russia, limited by mutual sanctions. "In addition to foodstuffs, France supplied a lot engineering products, very expensive export items, to Russia. After the introduction of sanctions, French suppliers suffered great losses, and it seriously affected the French society," he noted.

"So in this case, both Senate and lower chamber are guided by the demands of population and manufacturers, or even medium businesses. It is necessary to consider the fact that it is a certain game, because it is perfectly known that parliament's decisions are not mandatory, they have a recommendatory character. It is a simple reaction to the mood of society. Nothing more than that," the expert added.

"It won't have any political consequences because everything is decided at the level of presidents, NATO, or in conjunction with Washington's decision, not at the level of the French parliament," he believes.


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