Trump Says US, France on Same Page With Regard to Iran

Trump Says US, France on Same Page With Regard to Iran

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the United States and France share the common objective that Iran cannot obtain nuclear weapons despite French President Emmanuel Macron's recent comment that he regretted Washington's decision to pull out of the international nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, Sputnik reports.

"I don't think we have differences over Iran. I don't think that the president wants to see nuclear weapons and neither do I ... and they won't have nuclear weapons", Trump said during a joint press encounter with Macron in northern France.

Trump said that when he took office in January 2017, Iran was the "undisputed champion of terror," but the "powerful sanctions" changed that behavior.

"If they want to talk that's fine, we'll talk. But the one thing they can't have is they can't have nuclear weapons", Trump said.

Macron agreed with Trump, saying France shares the view that Iran can't be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.


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