Trump: U.S. military 'watches Iran' from Iraq

 Trump: U.S. military 'watches Iran' from Iraq

U.S. President Donald Trump said it was important to keep a U.S. military presence in Iraq so that Washington can keep a close eye on Iran.

The Republican president lamented "endless wars" in Syria and Afghanistan in an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation and made clear he wants to reduce the costly U.S. military presence in those countries despite warnings against such moves from his military advisers and spy chiefs.

Trump said the U.S. has spent a “fortune” on the Al Asad Air Base in western Iraq, which he visited in December, and that the United States should hold on to it.

"One of the reasons I want to keep it is because I want to be looking a little bit at Iran because Iran is a real problem," Reuters cited him as saying.

Asked if that meant he wanted to be able to strike against Iran, Trump said, "No, because I want to be able to watch Iran. All I want to do is be able to watch."