Trump's adviser: 'almost nothing' left to sanction of Russia

Trump's adviser: 'almost nothing' left to sanction of Russia

White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien said there's “almost nothing” left of sanctions to penalize Russia for election interference.

O'Brien told CBS News' Face the Nation he doesn't get involved with President Donald Trump's conversations with other world leaders, but said the Trump administration remains committed to keeping Moscow out of the picture.

Trump, O'Brien said, has been tougher than his predecessors. So much so, he argues, that there's little else Washington can do since they've already "sanctioned the heck out of" individuals, companies, and the government in Russia, kicked Russian spies out of the U.S., and closed down consulates and other diplomatic facilities. 

"Nevertheless we continue to message the Russians, and President Trump continues to message the Russians: don't get involved our elections," O'Brien said, adding that the warning extends to Beijing and Tehran, as well.


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