Trump signs 2021 budget

Trump signs 2021 budget

U.S. President Donald Trump signed the $2.3 trillion draft budget for 2021, which included almost $900 billion worth of economy support measures due to the pandemic, White House Deputy Spokesman Judd Deere announced in his Twitter.

Trump’s approval of this document makes it possible to avoid the so-called government shutdown, which could begin on Tuesday and would involve several million officials, unless an addition temporary resolution on funding extension is adopted.

"President [Donald Trump] has signed H.R. 133, an Act making consolidated appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021, providing coronavirus emergency response and relief, and for other purposes," Deere tweeted.

By signing this document, Trump effectively agreed to making direct payments to the citizens within the economy stimulation package only $600 - something he previously opposed. However, he made it clear that he intends to fight to get these payments increased up to $2,000 after the budget is signed, while excluding some expenses he considers unjustified.

"I will sign the omnibus and covid package with a strong message that makes clear to Congress that wasteful items need to be removed," Trump said in a statement released on Monday.

He noted that the House will vote on Monday to increase stimulus payments from $600 to $2,000.

"Additionally, Congress has promised that Section 230, which so unfairly benefits Big Tech at the expense of the American people, will be reviewed and either be terminated or substantially reformed," he said.

Previously, Trump repeatedly spoke against Section 230.