Trump warns about another government shutdown option

Trump warns about another government shutdown option

U.S. President Donald Trump said another government shutdown is "certainly an option" as he expressed skepticism that Congress would reach a deal to fund the border wall he has requested, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The president said that he thinks there's a less than 50% chance such a deal could be reached before the next government funding lapse on February 15.

Trump also said he doubted he would accept less than $5.7 billion for the border wall, nor would he agree to grant citizenship for "Dreamers" — immigrants illegally brought to the U.S. as children who would have benefited from never-passed proposals in Congress called the DREAM Act — in exchange for wall funding, according to the Journal report.

On January 25, the U.S. leader signed a bill to temporarily end the 35-day partial government shutdown that dragged on as he argued with Democrats over his proposed border wall. The shutdown, which was the longest in U.S. history, caused about 800,000 federal workers to miss paychecks with some having to scramble to cover meals and bills.


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