Turkey’s COVID-19 explosion brings harsh restrictions

Turkey’s COVID-19 explosion brings harsh restrictions

Coming off a 12-hour shift, Eyup says he does not “know how much more depressed I can be”. A doctor at a public hospital in Istanbul, he has been working in its COVID-19 intensive care unit where numbers, he sighs, “are skyrocketing”, Al Jazeera reports.

In fact, the surge in infections is pushing the hospital beyond what it can cope with. Although it increased its coronavirus ward and intensive care unit capacity by 50 percent since the spring, it is now “completely packed”, the doctor says.

“We don’t have any spare bed or anything like that,” says Eyup, whose name has been changed to protect his identity. He adds operating rooms have been turned into intensive care units (ICU) to use the beds with intubation machines there too.

“The situation is so dire that we have more patients to look after than our capacity at this point.”

And despite Eyup and his colleagues’ best efforts, the epidemic is taking its toll. “I’m losing about one or two patients that I’m with every night,” he says of the last three weeks.

With many of his patients elderly and with other underlying conditions, once they enter ICU, he explains, “we’re just watching them get worse”.


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