Turkey: Record hazelnut exports rise 27.5%

Turkey: Record hazelnut exports rise 27.5%

Turkey's hazelnut exports rose 27.5% to reach 343,561 tons from September 2019 to August 2020 year-on-year – a new record – a regional trade union announced Wednesday, Amadolu agency reports.

The Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters' Union reported that Turkey earned $2.3 billion from hazelnut exports during the hazelnut export season, which starts in September and ends in August.

In the same period last year, revenues were $1.59 billion.

The country reached a historical record by exporting 343,561 tons of hazelnuts. With around 77% of total exports, the EU continued to be the top market for Turkey's hazelnut exports.

The union's figures said 39.6% of the country's hazelnut exports were processed products worth some $882.7 million, while the rest were raw hazelnuts.

Turkey is the largest global exporter of hazelnuts.


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