Turkey: no return’ from procurement of S-400

Turkey: no return’ from procurement of S-400

Turkey will not retreat from procuring the Russian S-400 anti-missile defense systems despite U.S. warnings for sanctions, the country's Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın said.

"Turkey will not step back from its decision even if they [U.S.] will apply sanctions," Bloomberg cited Kalın as saying.

He noted that the Turkish government will decide for itself which defense system and technology it will purchase. 

Kalin added that Ankara would always prefer to keep good relations with its ally the U.S., but it "will not allow limitations on its sovereignty."

"Let’s see what they will put forward as sanctions. We will take steps accordingly. Turkey’s determination will not step back on its determination," the spokesperson said.

"There is no question of returning from here. Agreements were made, signatures were rolled out, [the systems] will be delivered next year," he said, adding that Turkey will act in line with its economic interests.