Turkey's parliament to investigate Islamophobia in Europe

Turkey's parliament to investigate Islamophobia in Europe

Turkey's parliamentary subcommittee will begin to investigate Islamophobic attacks targeting Muslims in Western countries, which will later be compiled in a detailed report.

The commission will begin to work on January 9 to examine the countries where Islamophobic incidents are most prevalent, beginning with examining incidents in Germany, Austria, France and Belgium.

The committee will ask for visits to these countries and meetings with the respective authorities. In the event that the countries grant permission to the committee members, they will investigate the causes of Islamophobic attacks in these countries, the Daily Sabah reported.

The committee will also conduct interviews with those affected by Islamophobic attacks. The victims of attacks will be asked about how they coped with it and their expectations after the attack. The committee will consult with experts, public institutions, universities and international organizations on the issue until the completion of the report.

The country's Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin earlier expressed regret over the "increasing wave of Islamophobia" in Europe.


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