Turkey spoke about plans to create its own aircraft carrier

Turkey spoke about plans to create its own aircraft carrier

Ismail Demir, head of the Presidency of Defense Industries, says that work on a domestic aircraft carrier is intensifying in the country, Anadolu writes.

Demir reminded that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan outlined the goal of creating a Turkish aircraft carrier several years ago, this project should be considered as part of a strategy aimed at turning the country into a world power.

"As you know, Anadolu was publicly declared an aircraft carrier. In fact, it was intended to be a landing craft. As soon as we realized that drones could be placed on the Anadolu ship, we immediately began work in that direction. The ship has already been launched. The equipment of the ship is expected to be completed. It will be put into operation soon", the head of department said.

Besides, work on drones (a Bayraktar TB-3 UAV) continues. They will be placed on a ship.

"The creation of the second more complex ship announced by the Head of State is on the agenda.We see that the concept of "aircraft carrier" is changing today. In this context, we have introduced a new concept of "vessel - carrier of drones". There is an approach according to which it would be advisable to consider a new, possibly larger ship, which could accommodate several types of rotary-wing UAVs with jet engines. We will work on this," Demir said.



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