Turkey welcomes easing of Russian sanctions

Turkey welcomes easing of Russian sanctions

Turkish experts, economists and political scientists have welcomed the statement made by the Economic Development Ministry recently on exemptions to sanctions against Turkey, the corresponding project is to be submitted for consideration to the Government soon.

Recall that, according to the document, Turkish construction companies are allowed to work in Russia if they create joint ventures together with Russian companies. The latter must have 75% + 1 share at least. It is also proposed to allow contracts for goods and services if they cannot be replaced in the Russian market, or its substitution would be disproportionately expensive. The service considers it necessary to fulfill contracts relating to the safety interests of the Russian Federation, or a significant number of Russian consumers.

Thus, joy at the RF Economic Development Ministry's intentions to return Turkish companies to the Russian market has been expressed by a prominent political analyst, Burhan Ozkoshar.

"Everyone understands that sanctions against Turkey have a negative impact on the economy of Russia. It is gratifying that today Russia is looking for a solution out of this situation,'' the analyst said. According to him, the current situation is largely dictated by the interests of the West. So Russia and Turkey were trapped by western provocations.

According to another Turkish expert, Cenk Bashlamyshly, the softening of the Russian sanctions policy against Turkey was quite expected and even inevitable in some sense.

"These sanctions are aimed at the attack on the Turkish economy, but they had a boomerang impact on the Russian economy. In this case, the continuation of such a policy would be inappropriate,'' Bashlamyshly said.

At the same time, the expert doesn't think that at this stage Russia will lift sanctions in full measure that covered all spheres of trade and economic relations. "But the fact that Russia has decided to soften its position will undoubtedly greatly relieve tension between the two countries,'' he said.

According to economist Talat Cetin, a draft resolution of the Russian government in Turkey was taken with great joy and hope that better days are not so far.

"The incident with the Russian aircraft upset all of us very much, plunging our countries into an economic maelstrom. In this regard, the government's decision regarding the easing of sanctions will undoubtedly be a great joy for both parties. We very much appreciate the efforts of the Russian companies, led by Sberbank, which try to resolve the unpleasant situation between the two countries. It is Turkey's turn now, it should take reciprocal measures in order to improve our relations,'' the expert concluded.


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