Turkish experts: Moscow offers dialogue to Ankara

Turkish experts: Moscow offers dialogue to Ankara

Turkish experts positively assessed the recent statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the importance of relations with Turkey. Putin described Turkey as a priority partner and good friend of Russia at the 7th 'Russia Calling!' Investment Forum organised by VTB Capital.

"We have had very good relations with Turkey for many years. It is one of our largest trading and economic partners. We have to find a way to cooperate effectively on the anti-terror track. Turkey has a lot of concerns regarding the Kurds. We understand these concerns and, of course, we are ready to consider them in the course of our cooperation. Currently, we are making contact at the level of military departments, we need to bring it to the political level," the Russian President stressed.

Political analyst and journalist Cenk Bashlamyshly praised Vladimir Putin's words as an attempt to reduce tensions between the countries. "Stating that Russia understands the concerns of Turkey because of the Syrian campaign of the Russian military, and expressing readiness for further cooperation, Russia has shown that it heard Turkey's critical statements," he explained.

"Another of Putin's statements that drew attention is the designation of Turkey as a priority partner of Russia, with a particular emphasis on economic relations between the two states, as well as the call to cooperate in the Kurdish and anti-terror question. If these statements will be heard in Ankara, the tension between the sides will dwindle to nothing," Cenk Bashlamyshly believes.

A Turkish political commentator living in France, Burhan Ozkoshar, said that Putin's speech is very important "since relations have cooled because of the Syrian issue." "Economic wars are waged with even greater force in the new world order, no matter how long the regional conflicts are. In addition, when economic relations prevail in all relations between the countries, the sides always seek political compromises," he pointed out.

"After Erdogan's harsh statements in relation to Russia, Putin's words show exactly that the interests of the two countries at this stage is the most important thing. The goal of Russia in Syria is to protect Assad, but then it could lose a country like Turkey. Diplomatic efforts to date have dried up and of course, the first step to improve relations with Turkey was made by Russia. I think after that nothing bad will happen in the relations between Russia and Turkey," Burhan Ozkoshar expressed confidence.

Turkish political scientist Tekin Okay, in his turn, said that in today's environment, when the world is confronted with international terrorism, Russia and Turkey may cooperate in the fight against terror. "Russia has violated Turkish airspace twice, so relations between the two countries have been shaken. The continuation of this problem is not an auspicious phenomenon for either Russia or Turkey. In these circumstances, the relations between the two countries need to be strengthened," the analyst stressed.

One of the options for strengthening of relations is a joint initiative by Russia and Turkey in relation to Syria, to preserve the territorial integrity of the country and to fight IS. "Turkey must help the Syrian Kurds, as the militants cross the border from Turkey and shed the blood of the local Kurdish population. IS is a serious threat to the Turkish state, so Turkey should organize an anti-IS movement," Tekin Okay noted.


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