Turkish traders put Russia wheat deals on hold

 Turkish traders put Russia wheat deals on hold

Turkish buyers have put purchases of Russian agricultural products - mainly wheat, corn and sunflower oil - on hold, despite denials from Ankara that it has effectively banned imports from Moscow, trade and industry sources said.

"The exports from Russia to Turkey remain suspended. My understanding is that Turkish customs have instructions not to allow the discharge of vessels with Russian wheat, corn, sunflower oil and other grain and agricultural products," Reuters cited one trader, speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to that trader, and another, a delegation of Turkish milling companies plans to meet with the government and Turkey's state grain board TMO in Ankara on Monday.

Last week, import licenses issued by the Turkish government no longer included Russia in a list of accepted tax-free origins, the sources said, suggesting an import tariff of 130 percent could be applied to supplies from Russia.

Turkey's Economy Ministry said on March 17 media reports it had banned imports of certain products from Russia were wrong.


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