Turkmenistan bans black cars and female drivers - media

Turkmenistan bans black cars and female drivers - media

Black cars are being impounded in Turkmenistan's capital because the country's president considers white to be lucky, local media have reported.

For the last few weeks, dark-coloured vehicles have been seized by police in Ashgabat and their owners told they must pay to have them repainted silver or white.

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov is a known lover of white, living in a white palace and travelling in white limousines.

The country also recently banned women from driving, according to local media, because they have been accused of causing most car accidents.  

Some women say their licences and even their cars have been confiscated, the Daily Mail reported.

The legislation is said to have been enacted after Minister of the Interior Isgender Mulikov told President Berdimuhamedow that almost all car accidents in the country were caused by women.