U.S. Senate votes to acquit Trump on impeachment charges

U.S. Senate votes to acquit Trump on impeachment charges

The Senate voted to acquit U.S. President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment - abuse of power and obstruction of the Congress.

The final vote of Trump’s impeachment trial was broadcast live by the Senate’s website.

The results of the vote on both charges were below the two-third majority, or approval of 67 senators, which was needed for Trump’s conviction and removal from office. The outcome of the vote is final and cannot be appealed.

A total of 52 senators voted against the first article of the impeachment, 48 - in favor. The results of the second vote were largely similar, with 53 senators voting against Trump’s impeachment and 47 in favor of it. 

Senator Mitt Romney was the only Republican member who supported the first article. He became the first senator in the U.S. history who voted in favor of removing his fellow party member from the presidential post. 

It was also expected that at least one moderate member of the Democratic party would vote against the impeachment, but this did not happen.


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