U.S. major grocery chains rationing meat purchases

U.S. major grocery chains rationing meat purchases

Some of the biggest grocery stores in the U.S. are rationing meat purchases, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kroger, Giant Eagle and Costco are among the supermarket chains that are rationing purchases, after concerns were raised about meat production in the country.

Meat production plants have been badly affected by outbreaks of Covid-19, and last week President Donald Trump had to intervene to keep production facilities open.

He used the Defence Production Act to order production plants to stay open, by labelling them an essential service, The Independent reported.

There are concerns across meat industries that capacity will be affected by the crisis, and in reaction, major supermarkets have announced that they will be rationing purchases.

The country’s largest grocery store company, Kroger, who own Harris Teeter and Ralphs, among other supermarkets, announced last Friday that they were to begin rationing.

They did not clarify how many stores would be affected by the problem, and a spokesperson told CBS News that the measure was taken as some suppliers were struggling.