U.S. to start coronavirus vaccine production by end of summer

U.S. to start coronavirus vaccine production by end of summer

U.S. health officials and drugmakers expect to start producing potential coronavirus vaccine doses by the end of the summer, a senior administration official said.

The U.S. is aiming to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine for Covid-19 by early 2021. The manufacturing process is already underway even though they aren’t sure which vaccine, if any, will work, a senior Trump administration official told reporters on a conference call Monday. He said they are already buying equipment, securing the manufacturing sites and, in some cases, acquiring the raw materials, CNBC reported.

"Exactly when the vaccine materials will be in production and manufacturing? It’s probably four to six weeks away," the official said on the call, which was hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services. "But we will be actively manufacturing by the end of the summer."

The Trump administration has selected four potential vaccines as the most likely candidates, but the senior official said Monday that that list could grow. On the list are vaccines from biotech firm Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The two companies are expected to begin late-stage human trials for potential vaccines by the end of this month. It’s a record-breaking time frame to produce a vaccine — even as scientists say there is no guarantee the vaccines will be effective.


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