U.S. withdrawal from INF Treaty to open 'Pandora box' - NYT

U.S. withdrawal from INF Treaty to open 'Pandora box' - NYT

The United States withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) will have consequences for humanity similar to opening a 'Pandora box,' The New York Times writes.

According to the article, one particularly difficult aspect of this situation is that Moscow and Washington each accuse the other of flouting the treaty’s purpose in Europe by planning for, or deploying, nuclear-capable weaponry that could have a dual use — defensive on its face but potentially offensive after quick modification. 

"Unless both sides back away from their threats, accusations and suppositions about the other side, both will be in peril if the treaty is abandoned," the newspaper wrote. "These terrifying new capabilities on both sides would substantially escalate the chances of a catastrophic accidental use of nuclear weapons during some as yet unforeseen crisis."


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