UEFA Europa League final logo for Baku 2019 unveiled

UEFA Europa League final logo for Baku 2019 unveiled

In anticipation of the new UEFA Europa League season, the 2019 final identity was unveiled at the group stage draw in Monaco. 

The iconic UEFA Europa League trophy is surrounded by Baku's most renowned architecture to create a distinctive identity suffused with local flavour.

The final design features some of the host city's most emblematic buildings such as the Philharmonic Hall, the Flame Towers, the Maiden Tower, the Heydar Aliyev Center and the Government House. The branding expresses the competition's dynamic nature and large geographical scale – which covers the whole of the European continent and of course Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. 

Azerbaijan is often referred to as the 'land of fire', and this has inspired the shapes of the Baku host city logo, with the 'A' crafted to reflect the curves of a flame. Moreover, as a nod to the 'Buta' pattern commonly used in the design of Azerbaijani rugs, clothing and textiles, a bespoke UEFA Europa League pattern has been crafted, which will be used across a variety of final applications.

The 2019 final brand identity highlights ancient and modern icons synonymous with Baku while utilising the core design elements introduced at the start of the new season. The branding will be deployed across a wide range of promotional applications, with the aim of further enhancing the appeal of one of European club football's most cherished and historic tournaments.