UK foreign secretary pays unannounced visit to Afghanistan

UK foreign secretary pays unannounced visit to Afghanistan

The UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has discussed security, counter-extremism and education during a controversial trip to Afghanistan.

The foreign secretary held talks with senior ministers in Kabul during and met some of the 650 UK military personnel based there.

He said a decision would be made "very soon" on whether to increase UK personnel training the Afghan army.

Johnson also met the country's President, Ashraf Ghani, as well as Gen John Nicholson, the US officer who leads Nato's training and assistance mission in Afghanistan.

The foreign secretary stressed it was a "crucial moment" for the country and urged all sides to build on the "considerable impetus" behind a lasting political settlement.

"My visit comes comes just as the UK is considering the request from the US and Nato to give additional assistance," BBC cited him as saying.

"I was hugely impressed by the work done by British troops as a part of this Nato mission. I believe there is still a lot the UK could contribute to this vital operation," Johnson added.