UK migration plan to shut out 140,000 EU workers

UK migration plan to shut out 140,000 EU workers

Tough immigration laws in the United Kingdom could shut the door on 140,000 workers from the European Union and citizens from the continent may have to provide their fingerprints.

The Home Office has floated the hardline proposal as part of a “firm and fair” post-Brexit crackdown that will replace free movement with a minimum salary threshold of £25,600 ($33,000) for most workers.

Around 70% of the current 200,000 EU migrants coming to the UK each year are expected to be excluded by the new rules, officials believe, which would mean around 140,000, The Independent reported.

However, ministers are unable to estimate the overall level of future migration – after relaxing salary and skills rules for non-EU migrants – despite insisting they “will reduce” it.

Ministers have also rejected any regional variation in the proposed £25,600 floor, despite business leaders warning of problems for companies in poorer parts of the UK.


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