UK nutritionist explain how to lose weight in 14 days

UK nutritionist explain how to lose weight in 14 days

The healthiest and most effective way to slim down is to ditch processed foods and takeaways in favour of fresh, home-cooked healthy meals, according to new diet research by Cambridge Weight Plan.

And sticking to a ­Mediterranean-style diet has been ­demonstrated time after time as the ­ultimate way to achieve this

"This means eating plenty of lean proteins, such as chicken, fish and eggs, pulses such as beans and lentils, and cooking with olive oil and increasing your intake of fruit, veg and wholemeal carbs, such as granary bread," explains nutritionist Linda Foster.

"This provides your body with high levels of protein and fibre, which will help to fill you up and create long-lasting energy – while the fruit and veg, along with plenty of water, will keep you hydrated and also help beat bloating," The Mirror cited the nutritionist as saying.

It is also important to cut out alcohol, white carbs and excess salt and sugar to help reduce water retention. While on this diet, spend 10 minutes a day de-stressing with your favourite technique, whether that’s with yoga or meditation, having a bath or just reading a book.


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