US: ISIS terrorists start carry out attacks using others

US: ISIS terrorists start carry out attacks using others

ISIS terrorists have started instigate other people to carry out attacks more oftern, US President Donald Trump's choice to head the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, said.

“The threat has changed,” Nielsen said. “If I were sitting here maybe even 10 years ago, I’d talk a lot about confidentiality. Data breaches continue to this day as you know, but what is perhaps more concerning is the ability of those who would do us harm through the internet to change the integrity of that information, or through ransomware and other attacks to make it not available.”

Nielsen said the scope and pace of cyberattacks on federal networks and critical infrastructure are "continually increasing" and grow more complex and sophisticated each day. She said threats to the homeland "are too many and too varied" for any one agency to confront alone and pledged to work across government and the private sector to find solutions.


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