US Senate wants to curb Trump's powers

US Senate wants to curb Trump's powers

A quartet of senators launched a new bipartisan effort to prevent US President Donald Trump from withdrawing the United States from NATO without the prior approval of the Senate, the Washington Post reported.

The measure was drafted by Sens. Cory Gardner and Tim Kaine, both of whom sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain and ranking Democrat Jack Reed have also signed on to the measure as leading co-sponsors. 

"Regrettably, President Trump’s mistreatment of our closest allies has raised doubts about America’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance and the values of defense," McCain said in a statement. "This legislation is urgently required to ensure that no president can withdraw the United States from NATO without the constitutionally required advice and consent of the Senate."

The bill would require the president to secure the support of two-thirds of the Senate — the same threshold required to enter into a treaty — before he could withdraw from the nearly 70-year-old alliance. It also authorizes the Senate’s legal counsel to represent the body in any court cases needed to prevent a withdrawal from NATO without the Senate’s approval, the newspaper writes.