US Vice President does not exclude changes in Iran nuclear deal

 US Vice President does not exclude changes in Iran nuclear deal

US Vice President Mike Pence urged Europe to agree to open the Iranian nuclear deal, threatening that Washington will quit the landmark pact if its “sunset provisions” are not entirely removed.

The vice president stressed that the US stands together with Israel against Iran, calling the Islamic Republic the "leading state sponsor of terror."

He also commented on US President Donald Trump’s decision to announce that the waiver that he would sign on sanctions under the Iran nuclear deal would be the last one.

"We are sending a signal to our European allies that the time has come for changes in the Iran nuclear deal that will ensure that the sunset provisions in the deal are completely eliminated. Punitive sanctions will be available for many years to come to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and you have our commitment to work closely with our allies around,” the Washington Examiner cited him as saying.

Pence noted that the US is committed to work closely with its allies around the world to achieve that. "If our allies will not join us, President Trump has made it clear we will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal immediately," he said.

"But we hope in the months ahead to able to strengthen it, to contribute to the security of the region, Israel’s security, and the security of American interests as well," Pence said at the meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.


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