Ukraine sets new daily COVID-19 record

Ukraine sets new daily COVID-19 record

Ukraine is setting a new record-high of coronavirus cases identified over a 24-hour period for the second day running, as 994 people contracted the virus over the past 24 hours, while 940 new infections were reported yesterday, the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council said.

"In the past 24 hours, the number [of people] who contracted coronavirus increased by 994. Therefore, 40,008 people got ill overall," the statement reads.

Over the past 24 hours, the recovery rate dropped in the country, as 394 recoveries were reported compared to yesterday’s 453. Meanwhile, coronavirus fatalities remained the same, with 16 cases on both days.

Overall, Ukraine has identified 40,008 coronavirus infections, 17,409 patients recovered, while 1,067 people died. Most cases are reported from Kiev (4,528), the Chernovtsy Region (4,478), the Lvov Region (4,423) and the Rovno Region (3,164).

In the past 24 hours, the country conducted 23,905 coronavirus tests, TASS reported.


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