Ukrainian president rejects prime minister’s resignation

Ukrainian president rejects prime minister’s resignation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected his prime minister’s offer to resign and asked him to stay on the job Friday after he was caught on tape saying Zelensky — a former sitcom star with no previous political experience — knows nothing about the economy, Los Angeles Times reports.

In a video released by Zelensky’s office, the president called the situation “unpleasant” but asked Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk and his Cabinet to carry on.

“I decided to give you and your government a chance if you manage to solve important issues that the public worries about,” Zelensky said as he faced Honcharuk across the table. “It’s not a moment when we can afford economic and political destabilization.”

He instructed Honcharuk to look into multimillion-dollar bonuses given to executives of the state-controlled gas company and high salaries for Cabinet ministers that angered many in the economically struggling nation, directing the prime minister to report his findings by Feb. 4.


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