Ushakov: Russia receives U.S. signals on improving dialogue

 Ushakov: Russia receives U.S. signals on improving dialogue

Moscow has recently seen some signals from Washington on the readiness to improve dialogue, in particular at the high level, Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov said, adding that all of this should be backed by specific actions.

"Some signals - or, let’s say, gestures - could be seen from the administration recently regarding the improvement of dialogue in some areas, including the high-level dialogue," the presidential aide said, speaking at the Primakov Reading Forum.

"It is desirable that these signals should be backed by specific actions," he stressed.

The Presidential Aide noted that Moscow realizes that the U.S. had approached another pre-election cycle. "Amid the prevailing anti-Russian mood in the political establishment and hysteria on the Capitol Hill it will be difficult for the faint positive signals to reach the sphere of real politics," he said, adding that Russia "has always wanted to improve relations.

"I’d like to highlight that we are ready to support any tweets, any constructive impulses," the Kremlin official stressed.


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