Uzbekistan extends quarantine restrictions

Uzbekistan extends quarantine restrictions

Quarantine restrictions introduced in Uzbekistan on July 1 for 12 days have been extended until the sanitary-epidemiological situation improves, press secretary of the republic’s Health Ministry Furkat Sanaev said on Tuesday.

"According to the special commission’s decision, since July 1, entry of automotive vehicles to Tashkent has been restricted, on the entire territory of the republic, night, dance and karaoke clubs, pool halls, computer gaming centers and public dining places are permitted to operate from 08:00 to 20:00 local time on the condition that they are not filled more than 50% of the total capacity. These restrictions will remain until the epidemiological situation improves," the spokesman said. He noted that one shouldn’t trust information posted on social networks and some online media outlets that the quarantine restrictions had been lifted.

"The press service of the Health Ministry will report on their cancellation or the further extension," TASS cited him as saying.

The quarantine was declared in Uzbekistan on April 1 of last year with the mandatory introduction of protective masks and social distancing. A self-isolation regime was declared in Tashkent and all regional centers, transport links were suspended with all countries. Kindergartens were closed while educational institutions switched to distance learning.

By the end of 2020, the epidemic situation in Uzbekistan has stabilized and the quarantine restrictions were being gradually lifted since March of this year. Air service was restored to a number of countries, including Russia, entry of foreign tourists was allowed, the self-isolation regime and all the restrictions on operations of entertainment and dining establishments were lifted. However, in early May, the epidemiological situation aggravated again and the special commission began to tighten the restrictions since July 1.

As of July 12, the central Asian republic with the population over 34.5 mln people documented 116,421 coronavirus infections with 111,514 or 96% recoveries and 774 fatalities.