Vesti.FM: attacks against Azerbaijan conducted according to brochure

Vesti.FM: attacks against Azerbaijan conducted according to brochure

The West make propaganda against Azerbaijan literally on instructions, publishing anti-Azerbaijani news fakes on standard topics in strict order: "corruption," "elections," and " the violation of the rights of sex minorities," a creative producer and the host of Vesti FM, Giorgi Saralidze, said in the program 'The former'.

"At our past program we talked about the overthrow of Soros foundations and affiliated media in Azerbaijan." The most curious thing: I followed developments of the topic and saw that this week there were reports from organizations, protecting human rights and freedom, that 50 or 60 gay and transgender people have been arrested in Azerbaijan in the past two weeks. Sometimes it looks like they have a brochure, and they do everything according to this brochure," he said, speaking of anti-Azerbaijani fake news.

"The first part is 'corruption', they wrote about it and check it off the list. The second  - undemocratic elections. The next paragraph is 'gays and transgenders': apparently, it does not make sense anymore to simply fight for the rights of gays and lesbians," he said to his interlocutors, the co-host of the program Armen Gasparyan and the director of the International Institute of the Newly Established States, Alexei Martynov.

Alexei Martynov explained such anti-Azerbaijani actions of Western structures by universal standardization, which concerns even methods of information warfare. "It is done according to particular instruction. By the way, for the past 20-25 years, we have been chuckling at Soviet bureaucracy, but the West has also gone all this way. And now they have the same bureaucracy with instructions on any occasion," he remarked, adding that organizers of such information attacks do not care that the methods working in the West may not work in other regions.

"For them, there is nothing to worry about. They are paid not for a result or reaction in Germany, Georgia, Azerbaijan or Russia. As you rightly said, if ticked off, a report attached, everything corresponds to the instructions, so you should be given, for example, a couple of thousand dollars. That is, it's McDonald's-like system - an absolutely network management approach:  the ubiquitous "M" letter, similar sandwiches," Alexei Martynov concluded.