Victor Martynov: we must not forget that Russian oil industry born in Baku

Victor Martynov: we must not forget that Russian oil industry born in Baku

The Russian oil industry was born in Baku, and modern oil workers should not forget about the contribution of Baku specialists to the development of this industry and about the Russia-Azerbaijan close ties in oil and gas developments, rector of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Viktor Martynov said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Our friendship with the Azerbaijani oil industry workers and our cooperation must be maintained. We should not forget that the Russian Empire's oil industry was born in Baku, the modern oil industry appeared in the United States and Baku at the same time, thanks to which our and their engineering schools have developed in parallel. 150 years after they started to develop Baku fields, the oil and gas industry is a leading one both in Azerbaijan and Russia, and we must work together to ensure that people remember our connections," he said.

"It is necessary to tell the younger generation about the oil discoverers, about the engineers who invented modern technology and the technologies that we still use. Cooperation between Russian and Azerbaijani scientific schools is also important, as well as training of personnel on the same technical principles. We should not separate our oil and gas sectors, although they are national in every country - but very often people move from country to country due to a new job, joint scientific conferences are held. We must contribute to the exchange of ideas, new technologies and the joint upbringing of young people in the traditions of  Baku and Russia oil workers," Viktor Martynov urged.

The rector of the Gubkin Russian State University said that the university maintains friendly relations with the Azerbaijan National Institute of Oil and Gas and the SOCAR Corporate University. "These ties are very fruitful, we often meet at various events. This year we plan to open an audience named after Aziz Mirzazade," he said.

Viktor Martynov also said that the university was pleased with the news that the Surgut airport  will be named after Farman Salmanov. "It was a very good idea. Farman Salmanov Airport is right tbhing, it’s necessary that young people not forget who discovered all these deposits. I want to say that Salmanov visited our university many times. We even had the Farman Salmanov scholarship once. So this is good news for all oilmen," the rector of the Gubkin Russian State University concluded.