Visiting the beach boosts wellbeing, study says

Visiting the beach boosts wellbeing, study says

Beaches and coastlines are better for one's wellbeing and boost energy more than visiting green spaces, an investigation has found.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs published an evidence statement on coasts' therapeutic effects after a review of 46 peer-reviewed papers.

People report feeling more restored after time in coastal areas as compared to parks and green spaces — with the sea as good for one as woods and mountains. However, people are more happy when spending time by the sea than in any other natural environment, the report concluded.

The review highlighted the importance of protecting marine areas, with people reporting feeling more restored and happier when there were more signs of wildlife, natural conditions and less litter along the beaches and shores they visited, Daily Mail reported.

Furthermore, those who live by the sea have better mental health than those who are further inland and do more physical activity — in what experts refer to as the 'blue gym effect', the analysis said.


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