Vladimir Menshov: Baku is my hometown

Vladimir Menshov: Baku is my hometown

Baku has changed and gotten better in recent years, yet retaining its unique charm, film director Vladimir Menshov told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of the opening of the VGIK Days in the capital of Azerbaijan.

"Baku is my hometown, and not just because I was born there. My relatives live here, one of my two Baku cousins has already died, and the second is alive and well, they have grandchildren and sons. My old and new friends live here. For example, Eldar Kuliyev, we tried to enter VGIK 60 years ago together and both failed. But he was admitted the next year, and I entered the Moscow Art Theater School only a few years later," the film director said.

Returning to the changes occurred in the architectural appearance of the Azerbaijani capital, the master noted that the city managed to preserve the national color, keeping up with the times. "I am glad that such buildings as the film theatre and the central part of the city were preserved. At the same time, it's really hard to recognize Baku now - amazingly beautiful buildings have been built in recent years. I love this city. It's warm here," he shared personal impressions.

He added that, just like in the Soviet times, Baku remains a major cinema center. "In Soviet times, many great films were shot here, and there are many interesting premieres now as well," Menshov noted.

Vladimir Menshov answered questions from the floor and gave advice for young filmmakers. "The main thing is to study. Learning from masters, learning from each other. I advise my students and students of VGIK: guys, learn from us and learn from your classmates. Indeed, when an interesting course is formed, then the learning process begins," the film director said.

At the same time, according to him, despite the importance of studies and education, you can't teach talent. "It is always news. Nobody knows where it comes from. It is always stunning - "like, where did it come from?" It can be said about the works of my friend, wonderful director Vagif Mustafayev. I saw his talent at the Higher Directing Courses, and now he a venerable director, shooting great films. I remember his wonderful comedic short films full of subtle humor. It was a brilliant debut, and I am pleased with his bright creative fate," the master concluded.