Vladimir Putin: a true patriot is the person who works for the good of the Fatherland

Vladimir Putin: a true patriot is the person who works for the good of the Fatherland

The true patriotism is primarily selfless work for the benefit of the Fatherland. Russian President Vladimir Putin made this statement during the awarding ceremony of the ‘Hero of Labour’ title.

"Our task is to multiply our forefathers’ achievements, based on the thousand-year heritage, and create the new prosperous country with prospects in the future,’’ President stressed.

Achievements of the country and competitiveness largely depend on the commitment of its people to the development and personal growth, President noted. "We need to constantly improve our skills, develop new areas of competence, master the most advanced requirements and standards. If you work on yourself hard, realizing you potential, the country will also go forward,’’ Vladimir Putin said.

He also described the achievements in the defense industry as the country's national pride. The Head of State stressed that Russian designers and engineers offer unique technological solutions." Among these developments were missiles, designed by the legendary 'Innovator' Bureau, under the leadership of Pavel Kamnev. There are no analogues of the weapons with similar characteristics in any country of the world. There are no any doubts,’’ President said at the time of Pavel Kamnev’s rewarding. 

People who made a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country, as well as in the development of culture, education, industry and agriculture were awarded golden stars of ‘Heroes of Labor’ today at the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin.

State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon, the general director of ‘Surgutneftegas; Vladimir Bogdanov, senior shepherd of agro-corporation ‘Tsokto-Hang; Dalai Gungans, General Director and General Designer of the Experimental Design Bureau ‘Innovator’ Pavel Kamnev, the teacher at the Municipal Lyceum Mathematics and Informatics in Saratov Lyudmila Kornilova were awarded the honorary title of People's Artist of USSR.

President recalled the merits of each person, the Kremlin's website reports.

"Iosif Kobzon deserved national love. His songs brought more than one Russian generation and people of other nationals who were born and raised in the Soviet Union were brought up his songs grew,’’ Putin said, adding that Kobzon is known not only as a talented singer, but also as a deputy of the State Duma, social activist and philanthropist.

"Iosif Davidovich always helped those who needed support, demonstrating boldness and courage. Now he participates in the organization of humanitarian aid for residents of Donbass and performs for his countrymen,’’ President said.

"Teacher Lyudmila Kornilova also was awarded the ‘Hero of Labour’ title. She showed that a talented teacher should not only teach, but also form interest in the history and the necessity to find answers to many today’s questions. The local history museum was created thanks to her efforts," Putin said.

"Vladimir Bogdanov worked in the oil and gas industry more than 40 years. He is in charge of the largest oil and gas company of ‘Surgutneftegas’ in Russia about 30 years. "The company's strategy is the continuous development based on advanced technologies. New fields are actively introduced in Western and Eastern Siberia. The volume of the exploration drilling is the highest in the domestic oil and gas industry,’’ the head of state noted.

"The development of the domestic agricultural sector is directly dependent on those who work in this field. Dalai Gyninovich Gungan decided to implement a difficult task. Experienced and eminent shepherd breed of valuable sheep. His outstanding results were noted in Siberia and the Far East and helped the successful development of agriculture and livestock,’’ President said.

At the end of the ceremony Putin noted that among the awardees were are famous people and non-public people whose merits are also very important.