Volunteers cleared foot of Elbrus from garbage

Volunteers cleared foot of Elbrus from garbage

According to Fatima Zhazaeva, a resident of the village of Yanika, Chegemsky District of Kabardino-Balkaria, today, a voluntary clean-up took place at the foot of Elbrus.

“By noon, we managed to remove the garbage at the turn to the Cheget glade and then went along the road, forest path, mouth of the Baksan River, towards the village of Terskol. We managed to collect the whole “KamAZ” of garbage,” she told TASS.

Zhazayeva personally organized people - dozens of local residents and tourists responded to her call to clean the foot of Elbrus from the garbage. “I love my land, I want it to be clean, I have a small travel company, and I often bring tourists here. I have long wanted to organize a clean-up, ” she explained her initiative.


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