WHO expert: coronavirus could infect two-thirds of globe

WHO expert: coronavirus could infect two-thirds of globe

New coronavirus could infect two thirds of the world, according to an adviser to the World Health Organization who tracked studies of the virus’s transmissibility in China.

Even if there were a way to reduce transmission by half, that would still imply that roughly one-third of the world would become infected, Prof Ira Longini said.

"Unless the transmissibility changes, surveillance and containment can only work so well," co-director of the Center for Statistics and Quantitative Infectious Diseases at the Emerging Pathogens Institute noted.

His estimate implies that there could eventually be billions more infections than the current official tally of about 60,000, Bloomberg reported.

If the virus spreads to anywhere near that extent, it will show the limitations of China's strict containment measures, including quarantining areas inhabited by tens of millions of people.


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