WHO: people most likely get infected with Covid-19 from bats

WHO: people most likely get infected with Covid-19 from bats

Animal disease specialist, WHO expert Peter Daszak said people most likely got infected with Covid-19 from bats.

"I think the virus emerging either in Southeast Asia or Southern China from bats, getting into a domesticated wildlife farm," he told The New York Times in the interview after his return from an investigative research mission to Wuhan, the site of the original Covid-19 outbreak, and surrounding areas.

According to the expert, the people that work there, as well as civets, ferret badgers, raccoon dogs could be able to get infected from bats.

A team of experts selected by the World Health Organization to investigate the origins of the virus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic returned last week from Wuhan, site of the world’s first outbreak. The team, having broken the ice with Chinese scientists, plans to produce a joint report on the possible origins of the virus.

The two groups of scientists, from China and the W.H.O., agreed to pursue some ideas that the Chinese government has been promoting, like the possibility that the virus was transported on frozen food. But the W.H.O. team also became frustrated by China’s refusal to turn over raw data for analysis.