Washington freezes Deripaska’s assets - NYP

Washington freezes  Deripaska’s assets - NYP

A mansion on the Upper East Side has been frozen as part of a battle between the US government and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, The New York Post reported, citing US officials.

"Washington has frozen Deripaska’s US-based assets, including massive mansions in Manhattan and Washington, DC. But the feds are also negotiating with him to give up some of his European-based operations to keep them running free of sanctions," the newspaper cited Treasury officials as saying.

Deripaska bought the East Side property for $42.5 million in 2008, property records show.

But although the US government has frozen Deripaska’s US assets, including his property, Deripaska has arranged to have the children and ex-wife of his business partner, the oligarch Roman Abramovich, live within its secure walls, the newspaper has learned.

According to Treasury officials, when the government freezes assets, that means anyone who does business with a sanctioned person, and sanctioned companies, could be subject to sanctions themselves.